Leadership Development

The Master Leadership Practices: The master leadership practices are the big competencies that all leaders need and that organizations need in abundance.

To do something big, a leader needs to be able to make a plan, engage the team, execute, anchor new performance expectations and desired behaviors in culture, coach, and hold accountable.

No one leader excels in all of these areas; nevertheless, we need to help our leaders achieve competence across the board and strive to do world class work in one or two of the master practices—as per their unique capabilities.

Likewise, organizations need great breadth and depth in engaging and retaining employees, building and managing talent, teamwork and collaborative practice, executing strategy, driving change, and managing culture.
I.e., organizations as a whole need great breadth and depth in all of the master leadership practices.

Paradigms: In addition to the master leadership practices, we can help you leverage the value of many cutting edge leadership competencies and approaches, all important pieces of sustainable leadership and organizational performance:

  • Authentic Leadership + EQ
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Narrative Leadership
  • Leadership Pipeline
  • Leadership Transitions

Formats: All offered in multiple formats to suit your needs:

  • Assessments / audits
  • Workshops / training
  • Action learning
  • Coaching
  • Train-the-trainer

A bottom-line issue: Leadership makes a big difference. We know from research, experience, and common sense that leadership has an enormous impact on employee productivity, engagement, and retention, customer service and customer retention, organizational effectiveness, profitability, and market capitalization.

Think about it: What happens over time to teams and companies with poor or no leadership?

Workshops are not enough: Advanture helps clients move from the old paradigm of “a few good leadership workshops” to building a true “culture of leadership”:

  • Aligning leadership behavior with vision, strategy, and values
  • Building leaders and leadership at all levels
  • Teaching leaders how to build and manage talent
  • Helping senior leaders demonstrate desired leadership behavior
  • Making discussion about leadership part of the daily business routine
  • Aligning leadership development with other HR and OD systems and practices
  • Using OD to drive organizational change, anchor desired leadership behavior in culture, and align HR with corporate vision, strategy, and values

Advanture’s unique and powerful practice: Our leadership development practice is unique and powerful in many ways:

  • Measurable business results from each intervention—direct, indirect, and tertiary
  • Concrete metrics for leadership development, values, and culture
  • Empirically validated, practical tools that your leaders can use immediately to do a better job
  • Building competence, not merely competencies
  • Action learning and lessons of experience—because people learn from doing
  • Integrating leadership development into everyday work
  • Integrating our workshops into a larger change management framework for more sustainable business impact
  • Multiple pedagogies for greater impact, including action learning, andragogy, systems thinking, appreciative inquiry, behavioral, results-based, humanistic, and neuroscience
  • When we work with your leaders, we are great ambassadors for your core values

Our discovery process ensures we understand your needs so that our work together is highly efficient, effective, targeted, and measurable, and so that you can invest where you will earn the biggest ROI.

And we have the content and tools to back it all up: workshops and assessment tools that are aligned with what leaders actually do and how the work of leadership actually gets done.

Call Advanture to discuss how you can:

  1. Prioritize your leadership development efforts
  2. Align leadership development with your vision, strategy, and values
  3. Accelerate leadership performance and results
  4. Help your leaders build both competence and competencies
  5. Build the talent you need and the best talent where it counts most
  6. Build leaders and leadership at all levels of your organization
  7. Move from a few good leadership workshops to a true culture of leadership

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