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Solid metrics are crucial for focus, execution, and accountability. Nowhere is this more challenging than on the people side of the business—which is especially problematic given the importance of our human assets to strategy execution, profitability, and the overall competitiveness of our organizations. How can you set a budget or hold anyone accountable without concrete measures of success, without knowing where the goal line is?

  • How effectively are you measuring the impact of your workshops?
  • Does your leadership development budget reflect the value LD adds to your organization?
  • How accurately are your managers assessing talent on their teams?
  • How useful is performance management in assessing and developing talent?
  • What impact are your talent management practices having on strategy execution and the bottom line?
  • Are you building the talent you need to get the job done and the best talent where you need it most?

Advanture helps its clients measure and sharpen their metrics for the most difficult and challenging people issues—including the tough qualitative stuff like core values and leadership competencies. At the end of the day, measures are only valuable when they are actionable, when they help you take action to improve your business.

Call Advanture to discuss how you can improve and leverage your metrics around:

  • Employee engagement
  • Talent management practices
  • Quality of supervision & leadership
  • Core values & leadership competencies


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