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ICBC // Audits& Analysis:Employee EngagementSurveys

Engagement Overview

Title: Audits / Analysis – Employee Engagement Surveys
Participants: Research Project for a VP of ICBC
Key Topics: Employee Engagement Survey, Audits / Analysis

Engagement Details

A Vice President of ICBC contracted Advanture to audit one of their internal employee engagement surveys. Our mandate was to ensure that ICBC was interpreting the data correctly, drawing the right conclusions, and identifying the most important opportunities for improvement. Our analysis did that and more: we also identified “clusters of concerns,” i.e., related issues that could be dealt with together in order to leverage synergies, enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce duplication of efforts.


“Thank you very much for the report. I have read it a couple of times now and am still digesting all of the information and suggestions you have provided to me. It is very good and I certainly appreciate the expertise and knowledge you have shared with me. It is honestly more than I expected and certainly has already got me wanting to get more done than I think is possible in one year. I guess that is the beauty of what we get to do every day… Thank you again, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the content.”

- Dale Bumstead // Vice-President, ICBC


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