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Engagement Overview

Key Topics: Performance Management, Skill Assessment, Employee Development

Performance Management

Advanture developed a unique performance management guide that combined Coast to Coast’s lists of core competencies and core values, and drilled down to the level of concrete behavioral descriptors.

This new guide to performance and behavior is designed to be used in multiple ways:

  1. A guide for performance evaluations: providing clear expectation around standards of performance, core values, and behavior—crucial for assessing past performance and for planning future performance
    i.e., setting concrete goals & metrics for the next performance period
  2. A guide to development for employees and managers, offering a database of competencies recognized by Coast to Coast as most important to develop and providing a concrete behavioral map of the stages of development within each competency or value.

We identified eight core practices for employees and an additional five core practices for managers/leaders, and mapped out each practice in detail at three levels:

  1. Baseline: minimum required level of performance (where to start)
  2. True professional: solid performance
  3. World class performance: exceptional performance

By offering clear definitions and concrete behavioral descriptors at each level of performance, we gave all Coast to Coast employees access to a leading edge guide to performance and professional development—and, of course, clear performance expectations for their jobs.



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