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Engagement Overview

Title: Leadership Development
Date: 2004-Present
Participants: Managers from various organizations (CGA’s)
Key Topics: Various workshops including, Leadership, Coaching, Culture Management, Team Leadership, Goals & Metrics, Employee Engagement, Managing Defensiveness, Customer Service, Change Management, High Performance Learning, etc.

Engagement Details

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Since 2004, Advanture has been facilitating leadership development workshops in CGA’s Professional Development and Certificate in Executive Leadership programs. We have facilitated more than a dozen different workshops (with multiple iterations), including:

  1. No Accounting for Bad Leaders: Introduction to Leadership and Building Leaders
  2. Coaching the Greatest Assets: Coaching for High Performance
  3. Take a Number: Adding Value to Customer Relationships
  4. Building & Sustaining Work-Life Balance for Career & Life Fitness
  5. Performance Management
  6. Managing Defensiveness in Yourself and Others
  7. Employee Motivation, Engagement, and Retention
  8. Succession Planning: Reaping the Benefits of Succession Planning on Your Team
  9. Objectives & Metrics: Measuring Performance, Skills, and Values
  10. Leading Teams and Facilitative Leadership
  11. Sustainable Leadership: Leading for Results, Vision, and Values
  12. Building Leaders at All Levels
  13. HR for Non-HR Managers
  14. Best practices in Leadership Development & Talent Management
  15. Sustaining Strategic Initiatives
  16. Building Your Leadership Brand
  17. Deliberate Practice and World Class Performance (Accelerated, High Performance Learning)

Our programs continue to be well received; Joel Shapiro now appears in CGA’s promotional videos; and Advanture has just begun facilitating Professional Development programs for the CGA Association of Alberta.


“The course and content were fabulous and it is, so far, the best CGA course that I have attended.”

- Kim Wilson-McCreath // C.G.A, Controller, Jean Larrivee Guitars Ltd.

“The exercises we did in class can be used in my work immediately.”

- Patty Lowe // CGA coaching workshop attendee


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