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BC Hydro //Commercial Viability:Change Managementand ServiceStrategy Workshops

Engagement Overview

Title: Commercial Viability – Change Management and Service Strategy Workshops
Duration: Two Years
Participants: Managers of Field Services
Key Topics: Change Management, Customer Service Strategy, Economics of Customer Service, Action Learning, Organizational Transformation

Commercial Viability Programs

Development and delivery of two leadership development modules for all managers of Field Services, the largest division (by employee count) of BC Hydro: (i) “Leading Sustainable Change” and (ii) “Client Service Strategy & Tactics.” The programs were specifically customized to help BC Hydro divisions enhance their independence, commercial viability, customer focus, relationship management, change management and leadership capacity. The workshops were well received and subsequently offered in a variety of other formats to various other departments and divisions.

Action Learning Program: Leading Sustainable Change

Advanture designed and delivered a unique two-day action learning change leadership program for a business unit of BC Hydro that was in the process of launching a half a dozen major change initiatives. They needed training for the managers who were involved in planning and implementing the changes, but were not sure how to structure a learning intervention that would be just-in-time, a great education, extremely practical, involve action planning, prepare the managers to hit the ground running—and be able to replicate their success again and again in the future.

Knowing that we needed to get the right people at the table and in the right formation, we first asked the leader of the business unit to identify the following:

  • The key change initiatives he wanted to support with training;
  • A small team of 2-3 project leaders for each change project;
  • A more senior manager for each change project, someone who could act as a sponsor (mentoring, governance, and authorization).

Advanture then designed a classic action planning workshop—the perfect structure for supporting managers who are accountable for real projects in real time. The structure involved taking the participants through each major step or phase of change management, introducing the key ideas and tools for that phase, and then helping them apply those ideas and tools to their unique change efforts. At each step, the different groups presented back on their plan of action in order to:

  • Get feedback from their colleagues;
  • Share discoveries and best practices;
  • Ensure they are on the right track (quality control for the workshop and for the projects themselves);
  • Leverage synergies and avoid duplication of efforts.

Hearing six groups report back on their plan of action at each stage is also crucial for learning— providing six more opportunities to see how the ideas and tools can be put into action.

An action planning template was customized for this workshop so that participants could record their insights and plans directly into the action planning template itself during the workshop. The end result was that each change management team left the two-day session with an almost comprehensive change management plan that had already benefited from the following:

  • Leading edge ideas and tools presented in the workshop;
  • Detailed feedback from their colleagues;
  • Active collaboration with their project sponsors.

Participants left the workshop with a concrete plan for their change project and also with the skills and tools they would need to implement other changes on their own in the future: making it happen and making it stick!


“Hey Joel, once again thanks for yesterday. I think you hit the “nail on the head” for what I was looking for and what my group needed. Appreciate you getting it together in a very short time frame.”

- Steve Fowles, Sr. Manager – Transmission Operations, BC Hydro)


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