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Accenture //Strategic PlanningSession

Engagement Overview

Title: Strategic Planning Session
Date: 2005
Duration: One-day strategic planning session
Participants: Management team from a particular function
Key Topics: Strategic Planning, Goals & Metrics, Action Planning

Strategic Planning Session

Advanture designed and facilitated a strategic planning session for the senior management team of an Accenture function.

Unique to this project, we set up the action planning worksheet in the business plan format. This enabled all brainstorming and analysis throughout the day to be recorded directly onto the business plan.

We also used small teams to develop each objective collaboratively in order to:

  • build communication and teamwork across boundaries
  • ensure each objective benefited from broad input and multiple perspectives.

This innovative process helped shape and focus the discussions and cut the time we needed for strategic planning in half. This is a great example of Advanture delivering both efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, by introducing our own proprietary tools and processes, we are able to double the value of the one-day session. In addition to achieving the primary objective of creating a solid business plan for the upcoming year, we also:

  • educate the Accenture team
  • raise the level of conversation on the team
  • sharpen their planning and goal setting skills
  • show them how to build action planning into regular (normal course) business meetings

This process enables Advanture to turn a one-day business meeting into a sustainable and leveraged investment in our client’s talent.


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