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  • Case Studies


    Over the years, Joel Shapiro has delivered a half a dozen programs for BC HRMA, both live and in webinar format.

  • Case Studies


    Since 2004, Advanture has been facilitating leadership development workshops in CGA’s Professional Development and Certificate in Executive Leadership programs. We have facilitated more than a dozen different workshops (with multiple iterations), such as: No Accounting for Bad Leaders, Coaching the Greatest Assets, Customer Service, Employee Motivation, Engagement, and Retention, and Sustainable Leadership.

  • Case Studies

    Advanture // Open Enrolment Program

    When Advanture was first established, we facilitated a rolling 9-month program in both Calgary and Vancouver. The program included 18 modules on a variety of core supervisory, management, and leadership topics, combining personal, interpersonal and professional development, and emotional, social and business intelligence.

  • Case Studies

    Accenture // Strategic Planning Session

    Advanture designed and facilitated a strategic planning session for the senior management team of an Accenture function.

  • Case Studies

    Acculogix // Team Leadership & Facilitative Leadership Workshop

    Advanture supplied the leadership team with a powerful value-added, a comprehensive guide to “twenty important discussions” leaders can facilitate on their respective teams for ongoing development such as; enhancing employee and team performance, engagement, and learning.

  • Case Studies

    Coast to Coast

    Advanture developed a unique performance management guide that combined Coast to Coast’s lists of core competencies and core values, and drilled down to the level of concrete behavioral descriptors.

  • Case Studies

    Apache // Leadership Development Aligned with and Leveraging Unique Organizational Culture

    We have been enabled Apache leaders to use current strengths and practices to drive change and generate improvements in leadership, communication, and talent management.

  • Case Studies

    Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform in BC // Audits, Analysis, Surveys

    Advanture was engaged to do formative evaluation, cultural analysis, CA participant satisfaction analysis, and supply performance evaluation data on staff—both for the overall management of the events and the effectiveness of the facilitation in the break out groups.

  • Case Studies

    WestJet // Unique Just-in-Time Change Management Solution

    Advanture designed and facilitated a unique, economical, and highly effective change management program for the managers of 600 WestJet employees who were going to be affected by a large internal IT change. Since these managers were only responsible for local compliance, and not for managing the entire change (they were not designing and launching the IT system as a whole), they required a highly customized program perfectly suited to their unique challenges and responsibilities.

  • Case Studies

    Metro News // Employee Engagement and Culture Turnaround

    Advanture was engaged to do formative evaluation, cultural analysis, CA participant satisfaction analysis, and supply performance evaluation data on staff—both for the overall management of the events and the effectiveness of the facilitation in the break out groups. Advanture was responsible for designing the surveys, data analysis, and a formal presentation of the findings to the CA executive team, which included both an analysis of the data and recommendations for improvement.

  • Case Studies

    NewsWest // Organizational Transformation

    In his capacity of Director of Learning & Change, Joel designed, facilitated, and managed a two-year blended leadership development program for the top 24 managers of NewsWest. The program included workshops, action learning projects, competency profiling, 360° feedback, individual and team coaching, independent study, and online surveys and assignments with cohort benchmarking.

  • Case Studies

    ATCO Power & ATCO Midstream // Value Added: Talent Management Audit & Needs Assessment

    Advanture was brought in to ATCO Midstream to offer a suite of leadership development programs: Goals & Metrics, Interviewing & Hiring, and Performance Management & Coaching.

  • Case Studies

    ICBC // Audits & Analysis: Employee Engagement Surveys

    Advanture was contracted to audit one of ICBC’s internal employee engagement surveys. Our mandate was to ensure that ICBC was interpreting the data correctly, drawing the right conclusions, and identifying the most important opportunities for improvement. Our analysis did that and more: we also identified “clusters of concerns,” i.e., related issues that could be dealt with together in order to leverage synergies, enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce duplication of efforts.

  • Case Studies

    Providence Health Care // Action Planning Change Leadership Workshop

    Advanture took the lead in developing and delivering a three-day leadership development program on “Leading Change and Quality Improvements,” co-designed and delivered with Providence Health Care’s internal Change Initiatives and Quality departments. The workshop was offered three years in a row and was one of the highest rated leadership development programs offered by Providence at that time.

  • Case Studies

    Lafarge // Speed and Flexibility in Customization: Sustainable Coaching Workshop

    Advanture was able to deliver a fully formed, cohesive, and customized workshop in one week that included comprehensive summaries of situational leadership, practical tools, a nice balance of theory and practice, plus action planning exercises (i.e., exercises that help participants apply new ideas, skills, and tools to their real life business challenges in real time), along with some original, proprietary content.

  • Case Studies

    BC Hydro // Commercial Viability: Change Management and Service Strategy Workshops

    Development and delivery of two leadership development modules for all managers of Field Services, the largest division (by employee count) of BC Hydro: (i) “Leading Sustainable Change” and (ii) “Client Service Strategy & Tactics.” The programs were specifically customized to help BC Hydro divisions enhance their independence, commercial viability, customer focus, relationship management, change management and leadership capacity.


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