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    Engaging Your Employees in Innovation

    Everyone can be involved in innovation: Not all improvements are world-historical acts of bravery and genius. You can start at any level. Get your employees to start where they are—whatever they are ready, willing, and able to do—and then work up the chain to bigger and better improvements. Levels of improvement: Improvements range from petite [Read More]

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    Quick audit for team or project priorities: Auditing for value, relevance, and balance:  After identifying your highest priority objectives (instructions here), or after writing your statement of purpose for a particular project and identifying the project’s key objectives & metrics, ask yourself the following questions, ideally together with your team. The discussion is as valuable [Read More]

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    Good workshops will have little impact if participants do not use what they have learned. Workshop follow up unlocks the potential value of your workshops, turns good intentions into action, good ideas into results, and good workshops into game changers. Engage everyone you can in supporting post workshop follow up. Here is a guided tour [Read More]

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    Mindfulness is more than being present, awake, and aware. It’s also an ethical stance and generosity to the world around you. Mindfulness will have a positive impact on your peace of mind, your impact on the world around you, and your performance as a leader. I will offer a personal / family example of mindfulness [Read More]

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    Outline: This blog will: Define strategic alignment Share a process for improving alignment between two departments or teams Map the value and benefits of alignment (metrics) “Strategic Alignment”: Strategic alignment is the practice of aligning individual and team goals with organizational objectives, and more broadly, aligning all of the organization’s resources (human, financial, systems, relationships, [Read More]

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    Making Strategy Stick

    Holistic Cycle of Strategic Planning & Execution   A good plan is nothing without execution. And both strategy and execution have to be anchored in organizational culture. How do all these pieces fit together? Here is a useful map of the strategy cycle that shows how all the major pieces fit together. This map shows how [Read More]

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    What is Strategy?

    Most plans don’t contain a strategy at all but rather a smorgasbord of tactics that individually make sense but collectively don’t add up to a unified, clear directions that sets a company apart—let alone makes the competition irrelevant…. Focus on the big picture, not the numbers.

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    Team Consensus

    Solid teamwork is not about always being in agreement. It is about building enough trust and respect that we want to hear each other out even when we disagree. In high school debating (and cheap politics), you look for the weakest link in a person’s argument and then attack that weakness to discredit your opponent [Read More]

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    Whale Rider

    Whale Rider Whale Rider (2005): Great movie about family, tradition, maintaining your identity and values in the modern world, passing leadership on to the next generation…and so much more. All of these issues are relevant in some way to the work world. The movie features a quest for a new leader—a succession planning project. In [Read More]


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