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    What good is a workshop if the participants don’t use anything they have learned after the workshop is over? Here are a few practical tactics that I share with workshop participants at the end of my workshops. I am writing this blog more or less how I pitch it (verbally) to participants in my workshops. [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership

    Goal setting is strategic planning

    Leadership at the bottom: We mistakenly assume that leadership is reserved for the people at the top — especially crème de la crème leadership activities like creating vision, strategy and core values. This is a perilous mistake that cuts off executives from employees, chokes the idea pipeline, and obstructs professional development at all levels. Don’t [Read More]

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    Getting defensive is never a good defense

    Fight, flight, or freeze: When threatened, people often revert to one of the three biological responses: fight, flight, or freeze. It is almost always an over-reaction, and no one does their best work when they are getting defensive, running away, or frozen in their tracks. These archaic responses block thoughtful action, shut down the conversation, [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership


    How do you deal with under-valued skills, or an unfair or unjustified reputation? Outline: Perception is never completely objective Feedback is important Bad feedback is sometimes correct How to deal with an unjustified reputation No immaculate perception: How others perceive you is not the final truth of who you are. Perception does not equal reality. [Read More]

  • Leadership Metrics


    How do I know if a 360° feedback debrief meeting is successful? What are the signs, indicators, or measures of success (metrics)? Context: My initial debrief meetings are part of a larger coaching project. This blog addresses the initial meeting only, not the metrics for the entire coaching engagement. In my initial meetings, I present [Read More]

  • Culture Leadership


    Bad for business: We can learn many things about leadership and culture from the current government shutdown in the US. Here are a few. Scope, Scale and Stakes: The US, like every other country, is competing on the world markets for influence, capital, ideas, talent, technology…and markets. (Same as any business.) Shutting down your government [Read More]

  • Leadership

    Management and Leadership: We Need Both

    What’s the Problem? Romantic definitions of leadership can seduce leaders into thinking they don’t have to do the hard work of management. When we look at what our leaders actually do—what we want them to do, the kind of work that they are expected to do, and what we want them to achieve—we see that [Read More]

  • Leadership

    Passion versus Method: What’s More Important?

    Big Debate: What is more important: passion or method, authenticity or technique, vision or execution, leadership or management? This longstanding debate holds us back from appreciating the work we do as leaders. This blog is for people who: think management and leadership are completely different and unrelated; are dogmatically devoted to one or the other [Read More]

  • Leadership Metrics

    Slavish Devotion to Employee Engagement Scores

    Slavish Devotion to Employee Engagement Scores  How slavishly do we need to track every micro-change in our employee engagement scores? What is the ultimate purpose of measuring engagement? I had a great conversation the other day about employee engagement with Christian Codrington from BC HRMA. He posed a couple of thought provoking questions about getting [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership

    Workshop Follow up for the Managers of Workshop Participants

    Workshop Follow Up for the Managers of Participants   The best workshop in the world will have little or no impact if participants do not use what they have learned. Workshop follow up unlocks the potential value of your workshops, turns good intentions into action, good ideas into results, and good workshops into game changers. Engage [Read More]

  • Leadership

    Four Levels of Leadership

    Four Levels of Leadership There are many different leadership models, approaches, competencies and traits—and 1000s of leadership gurus, some of whom have actually been leaders. Very messy. How do we make sense of it all? Map: Here is a map of four levels of leadership—four places we need to do the work of leadership. This [Read More]

  • Leadership


    THE TALENT MANAGEMENT CYCLE Strategic talent management is all about ensuring that your team and organization have the talent they need to get the job done and help the business win. Well-meaning but lopsided investments in talent management (TM) can be extremely wasteful. A big investment in recruiting, for example, will be wasted if all [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership

    Workshop Follow Up: Accountability and Support

    Workshop Follow Up: Accountability and Support Since the goal of training is to help people improve their practices at work, and since people learn primarily from doing, workshop follow up is a crucial part of the learning.There are many important ways to follow up from a workshop. Everyone has a stake in improved performance so [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership


    THE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT CYCLE Performance management (PM) is useless when it is merely an annual check-up. No one loves their evaluation forms and most people find evaluations unpleasant and destructive. So what gives? Done right, performance management is one of the most powerful tools for driving continuous performance and skill improvement. Solid PM should clarify goals, [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership

    Team Coaching

    Team coaching Coaching a team is not all that different from coaching individuals. It is a little more complex due to team dynamics and the mixing of different personality styles. Nevertheless, most of the principles and methods are the same. Here are a few handy guidelines. Team performance management & coaching: Team performance management is [Read More]

  • Leadership

    Selective perception, diversity and team leadership

    Selective perception, diversity and team leadership I’m sure you are familiar with the notion of “selective perception.” It is not simply that we pay more attention to some things than others. We only notice some of the things going on around us. We do not experience everything that is right in front of us. Our [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership

    Using Project Management in Coaching

    USING PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN COACHING Good old fashioned project management can be used by managers in most coaching situations. As a specialist in coaching and leadership development, I have developed sophisticated / complex coaching cycles and both teach and practice highly specialized kinds of coaching, e.g., narrative coaching and coaching leaders through leadership transitions. I [Read More]

  • Coaching Leadership


    To perform well and be successful over the long term, companies must manage talent strategically, i.e., align talent management with organizational vision and strategy. But this is not enough. Companies must also tailor talent management to the unique needs of their best employees and leaders, i.e., their learning needs, career aspirations, and potential.   The [Read More]

  • Leadership Metrics

    The Power of HR: Stats and Research

    The following stats make a strong case for excellence in leadership development and talent management. Knowing the stakes and potential ROI can help you focus your efforts: what to shoot for, how hard to work on it, and what kind of results are possible what can and should be measured benchmarking your results (could you [Read More]

  • Leadership

    Great Quotes on Leadership, Learning, and Change

    Making the case for leadership, learning and change Here are some of my favorite quotes on leadership, learning and change. I have used them to help make the case for development programs and to educate and inspire leaders on the importance of leadership and learning. My next blog will share some research (evidence) which can [Read More]

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