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    Discussing Your Culture in Everyday Business Language:

    Organizational culture has an enormous impact on employee engagement, customer service, and business performance. There are many complex and sophisticated methods for analyzing organizational culture—I use some of them myself. But culture is an important business issue and leaders should be able to discuss it in everyday, normal-course, business language—relatively free of technical HR jargon. [Read More]

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    How do you get your new employees to work really hard for you, live your core values, and be great ambassadors for your company as quickly as possible? You can’t underestimate the stress employees experience during mergers and acquisitions: job insecurity, new bosses & colleagues, changing roles, extra work, survivor guilt…and a myriad of other [Read More]

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    There is so much pressure in acquisitions to deal with immediate financial and operational issues that the talent & culture side of mergers is often under-managed. This costs organizations millions of dollars in: reduced employee engagement, productivity, and retention declines in work quality and customer service, and opportunity costs What kinds of risks and costs [Read More]

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    Every company has a culture. Your company’s culture is either helping you get the job done or holding you back. Culture matters. When should your culture be changed? When is a culture-shift necessary? When you need to align your culture with strategy When your culture isn’t working (dysfunctional) When your core values become stale or [Read More]

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    Many companies don’t take their core values seriously. It’s a shame. Even if your company’s core values are not original or cool, they express important decisions about how you are going to work together, get the job done, and present yourselves to the world. How do you get your employees to take your core values [Read More]

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    My last blog discussed culture versus cult, and outlined some of the signs and costs of arrogance and dogmatism in organizational culture. To recall a couple of the themes: Language and enlightenment are journeys and not destinations (not final, fixed resting places). We should therefore strive to be: open and curious rather than closed and [Read More]

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    My last blog discussed the risks and costs of arrogance and dogmatism in organizational culture. When human relations descend to dogmatism and arrogance, they become all “push.” These insiders push their ideas, desires, and feelings on others; they stop listening, interacting, and connecting; they squash difference and dissent. The “push mentality” obstructs more authentic forms [Read More]

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    My last blog compared the benefits of a tight culture to the risks and costs of building a dysfunctional cult. Let’s continue our discussion. In this blog, we will look at the difference between culture and cult; list some of the signs or indicators of each (how we can tell them apart), and list some [Read More]

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    Organizational culture can be a huge asset or a crippling liability. In Built to Last, Collins and Porras make a powerful argument for creating “cult-like cultures.” (See also Culture and Bottom Line.) But how tight should your organizational culture be?  How “cult-like” can it get before it becomes dysfunctional? What are the signs or indicators [Read More]

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    Bad for business: We can learn many things about leadership and culture from the current government shutdown in the US. Here are a few. Scope, Scale and Stakes: The US, like every other country, is competing on the world markets for influence, capital, ideas, talent, technology…and markets. (Same as any business.) Shutting down your government [Read More]

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    What is organizational culture?

    Handy definitions in non-technical language Culture is real, important and concrete. The term culture is widely used and yet it is often misused and misinterpreted. It is wise to avoid technical jargon to get it on the table as a core business issue. Culture refers most simply to prevailing employee attitudes, behaviours and values as [Read More]

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    Team Consensus

    Solid teamwork is not about always being in agreement. It is about building enough trust and respect that we want to hear each other out even when we disagree. In high school debating (and cheap politics), you look for the weakest link in a person’s argument and then attack that weakness to discredit your opponent [Read More]

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    Making Strategy Stick

    Holistic Cycle of Strategic Planning & Execution   A good plan is nothing without execution. And both strategy and execution have to be anchored in organizational culture. How do all these pieces fit together? Here is a useful map of the strategy cycle that shows how all the major pieces fit together. This map shows how [Read More]

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    Culture and the Bottom Line

    Research shows that organizational culture impacts profitability, ROI, stock price, and competitiveness. Check out this research—it is a great little wake up call for us all. Amazing how valuable organizational culture is, and how long we have known this.


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