Making strategy stick and building leaders at all levels.

Advanture is a management consulting firm specializing in organizational culture and leadership development.

We deliver practical solutions and measurable results based on empirically proven methods. Our highly customized approach helps our clients achieve their most ambitious business objectives as efficiently as possible.

Drawing on deep experience, real world results, empirical research, and best practices of world leading companies Advanture has developed a suite of leading edge business solutions that deliver real time business results—all customized to your business needs and unique culture.

The temptation in HR to fall for fads, inflated promises, and pipe dreams is greater than anywhere. No doubt, there are lots of good ideas and cool programs out there, and HR managers work extremely hard to do the right thing for their employees. But without solid metrics, a strong understanding of available research, and an intense focus on the big picture (your organization’s unique vision, strategy, and values), it is very easy to go on wild goose chases. Our raison d’être and mode of operation is built around clients.

We are not afraid of short cuts, band-aid solutions (band-aids are the correct solution for a small abrasion in a non-critical area), or bold, ambitious solutions where deeper changes are required. What you can count on is that Advanture will help you find the right solution at the right time. We will not sell you on innovation when a readily available classic solution will do; we will not sell you on radical change when a series of smaller improvements will help you get to where you want to go; nor will we be shy to speak up and let you know when a smaller solution is not enough. What we want is for the solution we pick to be appropriate, sufficient—so you only have to do it once—and highly efficient, i.e., economical.

Above all else, we work hard to share our expertise with you so that you never become dependent on us—the consultant—and always maintain the freedom to learn how to do it on your own in the future. Our ultimate job is to make you stronger and more independent; to build your internal expertise; to enhance your capability and expand your range of choices…not to make you dependent on us.

One of our most important client deliverables is adding rigor, concrete metrics, and sustainable practices to your people and culture management programs so that you can better sell your solutions to the executive team, align your efforts with vision and strategy, offer more strategically relevant solutions, and measure and monitor your success.


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